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What is in the Swisscom Kickbox?

(Innovation-)Process, Methods, Tools, Gadgets, Budget, ...

The kickbox is available in the three colours red, blue and gold. Any employee can submit an idea and will get the first box: The RedBox. The cardboard box contains various things that help the project manager to get started: a handbook, co-created with several corporates, with tips, methods and information on how to validate an idea. The Kickboxer can follow this process and will get to know new working methods such as "the lean startup method" or "human centered design" applying them on their very own project. The Box also contains a voucher for a time budget of 20 percent of the working time over two months and a financial budget of 1'000 Swiss francs. Additionally, there are gadget cards to enable the intrapreneur to 'get-out-of-the-building' such as vouchers of coworking spaces. This provides the Kickboxer with the opportunity to escape for a day from the normal working environment and work in an inspiring atmosphere underneath other entrepreneurs, freelancers and do'ers. Last, the Box contains the access to the online platform, where the intrapreneur can find experts supporting the idea or book services such as legal advisory or a design thinking workshop.

After two months, a pitch will decide whether the project will be continued with a blue kickbox. The BlueBox contains a budget of 10-50K and aims to develop an idea that is ready for the market. Therefore, the provided content supports the planning, execution and assessment of a proof-of-concept.

In the third and final phase - with the golden kickbox - the budget is CHF 100,000 or more and the winners can devote their full working time to their project. The GoldBox is normally in form of a spin-off, a joint venture with another company or the Kickboxer created a new job within the company - the Kickboxer created his/ her dream job!

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