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Meet the Swisscom 5G BlueBoxes!

Do you already enjoy the faster, more reliable and more powerful 5G experience? If yes, I am sure you keep having these little highs when things just load faster or simply feel more reliable. With a satisfied smile you might wonder “What else will 5G change for me?”. We at Swisscom Kickbox wondered about that too, and thus decided to team up with the Swisscom startUp Challenge to find new exciting use cases for 5G! Whereas the startUp Challenge tracked down the leading startUps worldwide (check out the 5 amazing winners here), the 5G Kickbox Campaign invited Swisscom employees to pitch new ideas.
And they truly rose up to the challenge! During the submission period from July – October 2020 we saw a record number of 150 employees per month register on Swisscom Kickbox to submit ideas, join Kickbox Teams as Experts or simply sneak a look at the new ideas of colleagues.
To narrow it down, 4 Kickboxes were preselected and invited to pitch in front of the exquisite jury shortly before Christmas 2020. They gave it their all to get a juicy BlueBox under the Christmas tree. The smoke settled and the jury decided: We are excited to present to you the two freshly minted 5G BlueBox projects!

XR Meeting & get together

Kickboxer: Mauro Guerini

What is it about

Meetings in virtual reality are coming fast! I gathered feedback from 50 friends & colleagues and conducted a real-life workshop to test the special functionalities.

People love the feeling of being together especially in a time where most of us work from home. How to integrate and provide this new type of meeting, as well as ensuring the usability for users across any connection and device is of strategic relevance for Swisscom.

Plan for the BlueBox phase

Based on the key insights, the next steps will be to show the market potential for Swisscom. This will be split across three major topics. First, an investment in new hardware, to equip multiple teams to further evaluate the market aspects and gather feedback.

Second, an integration into Outlook, which allows an easy Meeting setup and participation on any device.

Third, a potential partnership with the company Spatial.

The 5G connection will allow any device, laptop, mobile phone, VR, and AR Headset to experience high-quality content and interaction from wherever you are.

Jury Quote:
“It is a great technology, the tricky part will be how to scale it efficiently. The timing is right and if we manage to solve it, there might be great potential also in the B2B space!”

MARS (Mobile Augmented Reality Support)

Kickboxer: Ignatiyos Haddad & Felix Grüner

What is it about

With MARS we want to bring the customer experience for installing a device or fixing a problem to the next level with AR. Swisscom stands for cutting edge technology and best in class customer support. We ran a comprehensive analysis of the needs, conducted interviews with Swisscom employees and are already in discussion with potential implementation partners. MARS will transform a cumbersome and frustrating moment in a joyful experience. 5G is closely linked with the ascend of AR. The latest 5G devices also have premium functionalities for AR, such as lidar scanners. Furthermore, often when customers need to install or fix a Swisscom product, there is no local wifi available and we thus need a powerful 5G connection.

Plan for the BlueBox phase

Within 4 months, we will develop a functional and scalable prototype for a part of the installation process of the Internet-Box . And test it with internal and external clients. Our goal is to confirm our concept of a great user journey, learn more in the process and build a solution that we can then easily deploy for other use cases internally and potentially also externally.

Jury Quote:
“This is a fascinating solution with a lot of potential to be developed more broadly in the area of support and after sales!”

We are excited to see where our BlueBox Kickboxers will take their ideas!

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