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How does the corona crises change the way we work? The series “Kickbox @ HomeOffice” deals with all the new challenges, that we are confronted with. How is it possible to stay in contact with our customers and to work on different projects? How do we feel?

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Lorena Ricci's workplace, Growth GETKICKBOX

1. Where are you right now?

I work from my wonderful penthouse in Chur, Graubünden. I love the sunny, panoramic view from my terrace.

2. What do you think of working at a HomeOffice? What are the main benefits and how do you profit from the current situation?​

There are certain benefits when working from home, but it is also challenging. I try to go outside, and move around several times throughout the day to stay somewhat active, especially when it's a nice, sunny day out. I like the flexibility to be able to take a break during the day and work until the evening hours. And working from my balcony during these days is rather comfortable. However, I miss the spontanous exchange and chats with my colleagues.

3. How did your workday change during the corona crisis? How is it possible to stay in contact with your customers as in the past? 

All of us have to be very flexible. But that’s one of the things we have in common right now. Staying in touch with peers, colleagues and partners seems to have become more important than ever these days. It is fun and challenging at the same time to achieve the next level of remote work together with the community. We are proud to be able to offer all processes virtually and still keep the quality very high.

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Michael Hunkeler's workplace, Growth GETKICKBOX

1. Where are you working from?

I am in my shared apartment in the heart of Zurich. I live together with two friends. One of them is a freelance motion graphic designer and the other one is finishing his PhD at the ETH. Together we've turned our living room into a coworking space, which gives us a hipster atmosphere at home.

2. How do you feel about the home office? What advantages do you derive from the current situation?

I find the home office extremely paradoxical. On the one hand, I have the impression that not much has changed, because I'm used to being able to work from anywhere and teamwork is also very easy to work with digitally.

On the other hand, everything has changed because I can now only work from one place and I realize how much digital collaboration is invigorated by sporadic, personal interactions. But in general, I find it a super exciting chapter in the context of digital working and I'm curious to see what we can take away with us after the crisis.

3. How has your working day changed in comparison? How do you manage to look after your clients and projects although you can’t visit them personally?

GETKICKBOX has both a physical (kickboxing) and a digital component (platform / community). What has changed for me is that customers are now even more interested in the digital advantages of GETKICKBOX. This has enabled us to push ahead with fully digital offers for launch, coaching and workshops even faster, which makes the situation super exciting for me.

Fenja Persello, Product Lab GETKICKBOX

1. Where are you right now?

I'm at my home office in Winterthur with my roommate. Together we created a workspace in our home.

2. What do you think of working at home? What are the main benefits and how do you profit from the current situation?

I am able to plan my day in a very effective and productive way. That gives me the chance to use my creative skills to full capacity. Since I cannot move around as I usually would, I started to implement workouts into my normal day to day life as much as I possibly can to stay active. And with working from home it is way easier to get my daily chores like laundry done as well.

I like having chats with my co-workers and colleagues about daily news, current projects and to just stay up to date on their status quo.

3. How did your workday change during the corona crisis? How is it possible to stay in contact with your customers?

Because of the fact that we were always working in a very flexible way, we already had a remote infrastructure up and running and able to communicate with each other. Wherever there is an internet connection we are able to work.

The corona crisis does not allow us to do our usual face to face workshops with our peers, partners or team members. So we created a challenge and tested several tools. We optimized our product for a better global teamwork, because we had to focus on the goal to create a perfect virtual Kickbox experience.

I believe we actually have the chance to become better during this crisis. We try our best to support our community in these crazy times with an intrapreneurship program, so that important business ideas can be tested and realized in the near future.

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