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“At GETKICKBOX, we don’t just preach the trial-and-error method; we live it.”

An interview with our team member Celia Geering

Most will say that it’s important to practice what you preach when it comes to agility and lean working methods, but this is not always the case in the world of start-ups. Celia from the Growth team at GETKICKBOX talks about this and more in our latest interview.

Just a few minutes in, and it’s quite clear that Celia Geering is passionate about her job. She’s been part of the Growth team at GETKICKBOX since May. In our interview, she gives us insights into her responsibilities and talks about her visions for the future.

Hi Celia, tell us about your role and responsibilities at GETKICKBOX.

I’ve been a part of the Growth team at GETKICKBOX since May 1, 2020. I’m responsible for customer acquisition and assessing which markets and industries could be of interest to us and which companies we could potentially work with. It’s my job to find out who is prepared to implement innovation in their organization. Once I’ve identified suitable businesses, I try to find the best contact there, often using social media sites such as LinkedIn. Furthermore, I spend a lot of time on platforms such as Sifted or Business Insider. At present, I do most of my research online, but I’m already looking forward to a time when I can meet potential customers at conferences or other events.

Can you describe a typical day at work at GETKICKBOX?

When I get to the office in the morning, I start by checking my emails. Then I usually have calls with potential customers. We talk about possible collaborations or negotiate the terms of our contracts – then more emails, more calls, and more emails. No, just kidding, I really enjoy my job because it’s so varied. I think that’s mostly because I get to talk to each of my contacts about their respective innovation strategies. The founders of GETKICKBOX also include me in strategic tasks and planning, which suits me well. It’s great that I can contribute my own ideas on improving efficiency etc. and that they are heard.

Your contacts appear to have a lot of confidence in you, don’t you think?

Yes, that’s true. I’m lucky; my contacts are very open and have honest conversations with me. Most of them know about the Kickbox method and how important innovation and digitalization are for organizations. This makes it easier for me to get a foot in the door. Confidence and trust do play a big role, though. But you shouldn’t underestimate that companies are also looking to promote themselves – the buzzword being employer branding. Nowadays, presenting yourself as a company that values innovation is a good way to promote yourself and attract new talent.

Coming back to your research. Which markets and industries are you focusing on at the moment?

When answering this question, it’s important to bear in mind that my hypotheses aren’t based on scientific studies or anything like that. Instead, my research is based on a mixture of personal experience, discussions with the founders, observations of the markets and industries, and of course, there’s a little gut feeling in there too. From a geographical perspective, the DACH countries are interesting at present, as they have a clear need for innovation. I’m currently seeing this demand above all in the insurance industry and energy supply. The latter, in particular, is under enormous pressure right now due to sinking oil prices and climate change. Innovative coping strategies are much needed in times of crisis.

Did you find it easy to integrate into the team, and would you say that you have settled in now?

Yes, I can indeed say that I have settled in here. But I must admit that it wasn’t all that easy at the beginning. My entire onboarding from the first interview through to my induction took place during the COVID lockdown. In the beginning, my only contact with colleagues was via telephone or video call. They made a big effort, but it was still not the same as when you meet someone face to face. For this reason, I was so happy when we were finally able to come back to the office – then things went very quickly, and it felt great. All the team members here are incredibly open. It’s fantastic how everyone pitches in to making a real difference and work towards a common goal. This kind of teamwork helped me to find my place in Zurich again after several years in London and Berlin.

What do you like the most about your job at GETKICKBOX?

For me, it’s definitely the contact with potential customers, as that makes it so varied. I get a detailed insight into a wide range of industries and learn where things are going well and where they’re not. Innovation is a topic that has a great deal of potential for the future, and many corporations now realize that they desperately need to jump on the bandwagon before they lose out. Organizations are very open to our advice when we tell them to use internal resources to promote innovation. Furthermore, I enjoy working on strategic tasks at GETKICKBOX. I just love that everyone in the team has a say. I am well familiar with start-up culture, and I can say that at GETKICKBOX, we don’t just preach the trial-and-error method; we live it.

What do you envisage for your future at GETKICKBOX?

First and foremost, I want to dedicate my energy to helping the company grow fast and, above all, sustainably over the coming months and years. Of course, once we’ve reached a suitable size, my goal is to lead a Growth team myself and push our vision on even further. My dream would be to set up the first international GETKICKBOX office. I love traveling and have been to a lot of places in the past few years, so I hope that sooner or later, I will have the chance to get back “on the road.” Luckily, at GETKICKBOX, we can talk about our aspirations and dreams openly – yet another reason why I enjoy working here so much.

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