What makes a good intrapeneur? What's the secret behind the GETKICKBOX success? Where do we see GETKICKBOX in five years?
Soooo many questions, so little time…Not! We sat down with the co-founders of GETKICKBOX Ralph Hartmeier, Reto Wenger, Vinzenz Leuenberger and David Hengartner and asked them all the questions to witch we have always sought an answer.

First up: Ralph Hartmeier. Maybe he'll reveal the secret of GETKICKBOX's success?


“Where do you see GETKICKBOX in five years?”

GETKICKBOX will help to create +1'000 new jobs on the market in the next few years. I'm not only talking about our peers being responsible for the Kickbox program in their organization and our own employees, but mainly about the Kickboxers who made it to the GoldBox phase with their raw idea and became founders or work full-time for the implementation of their idea. I strongly believe that Kickbox is the right tool to enable people to not only come up with valuable ideas but the get what they need to execute them and potentially create new jobs. Looking back, we already have created many jobs being it new hires at GETKICKBOX, Kickboxers who became entrepreneurs, team mates working for these spin-offs or Kickboxers who stayed in the mother company but having created a new job based on their Kickbox idea. Personally, I strongly believe that 'creating new jobs' is the heart of entrepreneurship.

“Which mistake do the most entrepreneurs make, and how can it be avoided?”

Many entrepreneurs, including myself in my earlier ventures, do not listen enough to the market. I know, this saying is quite common nowadays as many books, speakers and articles write about the fact that startups fail because they haven’t addressed a customer need. However, it is still a challenge to test and iterate fast as it is easier not to expose your idea or early stage product to people – feedback is sometimes rough. I like a quote from Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) a lot: "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

We live this mindset and co-create and learn a lot with our customers. Like this we make sure that we do not develop products, features or services nobody gets a value added.

In order to make intrapreneurship work, employees need to know that such a program exists. What has been the most memorable GETKICKBOX internal marketing campaign for Swisscom Kickbox so far?”

In the past years, we have run many marketing campaigns to get the attention of the employees. In order to stand out, we need to be different. Nothing easier than that with such a memorable brand 'Kickbox'. It is always a mixture of guerrilla marketing and more classical marketing initiatives. One fun (and effective) guerrilla marketing campaign aimed for the attention of our board. On a Wednesdays, we realized that the board meeting is taking place in a meeting room behind a glass wall. Since we wanted to get their attention, we started assembly our physical toolboxes, an important piece of the program to support the intrapreneur, in front of the meeting room. We were convinced that this looks so bizarre that a few employees tinker in the headquarter that they will approach us. Nothing happened though and we had to get more creative. If you want to know how we finally got the board's attention, drop me a line./ get in contact In times of home office such physical guerrilla campaigns are were not possible anymore. We found several ways to get the employees attention while being in home office. Be it through a creative screen saver, targeted advertising on Social Media or crazy post mailings.

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